Be creative, be well, 2012 PDF report.

Supporting growth in the arts economy, 2012 PDF report.

The relationship between Arts Council England and music education hubs, 2012 PDF report.

Music education charities, 2012 PDF report.

Environmental sustainability report, 2012 PDF report.

New landscapes, 2011 PDF report.

Review of the Arts Council's strategic framework, 2011 PDF report.

Business models in the visual arts, 2011 PDF report.

Relationship manager handbook 2010 and 2011 editions.

Endowments in the arts, 2011 PDF report.

Regularly funded organisations, 2011 report, alternate covers

Making Adaptive Resilience Real, 2010 PDF report. downloadable here

Adult Participatory Arts, 2010 PDF report.
downloadable here

Review of the contribution of Arts Council funded organisations to music opportunities for children and young people, 2010 PDF report.

Race equality scheme, 2010 PDF report.

Arts engagement in England, 2010 PDF report.

Disability Equality Scheme, 2010 PDF report.

Theatre Assessment, 2009 PDF report with navigation.
downloadable here

Sustain application pack, 2009 pocketed folder containing two booklets.

What people want from the arts, 2008 32-page publication summarising the findings of the 2006 arts debate.

Service centre flyers, 2009 Simple double-sided flyers providing inter-departmental contact details.

Encourage children today, 2009 PDF publication outlining the findings of the Taking Part survey.

downloadable here